Holding the Space for the Feminine

Rise and Shine
Embodying the Sacred Feminine

The “Sacred Feminine” or “Divine Feminine” is not intended as a “women only” concept. We all have masculine and feminine energy within us. Like everything in nature, there must be a balance, ie: Yin and Yang. The left side of the body relates to the feminine and the right side, the masculine. Opening up to, and honoring the Sacred Feminine is an act of worship, not only to oneself, but also to the greater essence of all creation and the universe. It is a sacred connection to the energy of giving birth to ideas, expressions, dreams, life and existence.

Join us for a weekend experience in which you will be able to open up and deeply connect with your sacred feminine energy in a safe and sacred space, with immaculate suppport. We will be utilizing the tools of yoga, guided meditations, imagery, music, movement, and a cacao ceremony.

Enjoy reiki and live sound healing throughout. We will be sealing in this experience with a guided visualization to integrate it into your life.

Friday: 7pm- 9:30pm
Saturday: 1:30pm- 6:30pm
Sunday: 1:30pm- 4:30pm

Your Guides:

~Sara “Gypsy” Wolf is based out of Phoenix, AZ. After practicing yoga for 12 years, she became certified as a Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Integrative Healer, and Spiritual Mentor. Her personal, intense healing journey led her to discovering her passion of teaching & guiding others with her deep intuition and unconditional love. Listening to a higher calling, Sara sold everything in 2015 to live from her heart, continue traveling, and practice her path of being love and light.

~Goddess Tara is a theologian, a spiritual life coach with twenty years of experience and is a devotee to the divine feminine. Her life work has led her to the service of all beings. She is a woman, a warrior, a child of the divine spark. She has been called a miracle by many; a survivor, who continues to love and serve all whom she meets. She has found the courage and resilience to say “yes” to life, over and over again! Tara celebrates the sanctity of life, and the beauty and sacred within every breath. She is a creative expression of the divine power of love. She has always believed in, and came to find, the safe and holy, the sacred blessed connection within the center of herself, and others. Her soul’s journey has unlocked happiness and freedom – the gift of human life. Tara is a master ceremonialist, teacher, philosopher, theologian, and spiritual guide. She has deep knowledge and wisdom; and has devoted her life to weaving the spiritual foundation of the divine throughout all aspects of one’s life. She is a trance channeler and intuitive. Tara has studied the great wisdom traditions for over 28 years now, and continues to do so. She has been an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church in the U.S. Since 1990.

~Omar Paraiso of Soulful Living Sessions, specializes in allowing his intuition to guide him through an array of Sacred sound healing instruments for your journey. He is deeply rooted in mother Earth, while his consciousness takes flight during his sessions. Be prepared for “lift-off” with this one!
Omar is a lifelong musician, healer and explorer of consciousness. Having recently discovered his path as a Reiki Practitioner and Sound Healer, as well as a long time student of meditation and dream work, his enthusiasm for sharing channeled and experienced knowledge comes through in his own healing work. Omar’s talents lie in utilizing the power of vibrations, sacred sound instruments, music, and Reiki to harmonize mind, body, and spirit.

~Raunette Celeste Vaughn a California State Licensed Esthetician since 2000, has been practicing here is San Diego for the past 17 years. As a reiki practitioner, she has traveled world-wide studying and implementing wellness modalities in many vast settings. She specializes in Emotional Release Therapy with the aid of Young Living Essential Oils. Raunette is regarded as an inspirational, motivational mentor, she guides and encourages many to embrace healthy living and let go of emotions no longer serving them.

~Rob Nguyen is a gentle, yet powerful reiki practitioner. He will be gracing us with his beautiful energy to support you on your journey.